The Ivy League


Welcome to The Ivy League, a fresh flower boutique in downtown Greenville, Ohio. We're some of the lucky few whose work allows us to surround ourselves with the things we love. And it shows. We find inspiration in the layers of a delicate petal or the intricate textures of foliage and moss. We see beauty in refreshing color pairings and find thrill in seeking out  unusual, antique vessels that lend personality to a bouquet. This difference in perspective has been both what continually sparks our passion and what has given us our signature style. It's safe to say that we march to our own beat.

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Monday-Friday: 10a - 5p
Saturdays: 10a - 2p
Closed Sundays  

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Interior Design

Our eye for strong design aesethetics has opened the doors to many creative and fulfilling opportunities, one of which, we have added to our menu of services. As with our floral work, we take great pride in our interior projects and devote tremendous thought, time, and detail to acheive inspiring results.

We believe that walls and the space within should tell a story. Colors, artwork, furnishings, and layout are all details that should voice your business's message, attitude, and good taste to clients. We think of these aesethetics as the ever priceless first impression and that they should be thoughtful, polished, and most importantly, cohesive. Our range of accomodating services includes space styling and staging, color guidance, artwork procurement, living and faux plantscape design, and installation. To inquire about our interior services or to request an information packet, simply telephone the shop.